The Lonely Tree

I look at my image.

The tree is standing there … all by itself.

On its own.

A beautiful Scots Pine in a breathtaking landscape. I wonder how it would be to visit the same tree in the winter …


Digital Survival Kit

Just started this work week reading an interesting article on the website ochre.

The photojournalist Ami Vitale shares what happened after one of her images had been copied on the web without permission and then gone viral on internet. It tells what steps she then, more or less, were forced to take in order to re-claim her copyright to the image and also what tools she had at hand.

It got me thinking of how I handle my images. Keeping control over your copyright as a photographer is fundamental. So read it and check out the resources they list to help battle misappropriation or copyright infringement. Very useful!

Best wishes, Andreas


Back in Umeå again

After a wonderful summer with family and friends it’s time to roll up the sleeves again. Maybe I had a blue monday yesterday as that was my first working day after a long summer vacation. But luckily I’m filled with energy today. It’s nice to get going again. The “Adventures” exhibition at the Rheged Centre in UK is over and I’m ready for new challenges.

Just contact me if you’re looking for a dedicated photographer. I’m up for assignments and collaborations.

Best wishes, Andreas